My Fara Lady

rottweiler_portrait_furry_kids_maine_001 Well, she’s not really mine, but I wish she were mine. Fara has a teddy bear face and the temperament to match.
She was adopted last year by her foster dad, Harry, from North East Rottweiler Rescue and Referral. Harry has fostered a ton of Rotties in his time, and he just couldn’t say goodbye to this cutie pie when she crossed his doorstep.

rottweiler_portrait_furry_kids_maine_002 Harry has adopted a lot of rescued Rotties in the 11 years that I have known him, and over time he has brought
each of them for studio portrait sessions. He orders a classic, framed 11×14 of each dog, and he now has a whole wall
of framed Rottie portraits, all in matching frames.

rottweiler_portrait_furry_kids_maine_004Fara is an easygoing, wiggly, happy girl. She was a very easy photo subject.
A lot of women look mad when they try to do a serious face for the camera, but not Fara. She can pull it off.

rottweiler_portrait_furry_kids_maine_003 Fara has some other supermodel expressions, too.

rottweiler_portrait_furry_kids_maine_006 I just want to smoosh her face. It is as soft as it looks. Partway through the session she said,
‘I like that chair, I would look good sitting in that.’ Why, yes, you would, Fara.

I love the look of black dogs on a black background, so she trusted me when I told her she’d look AH-MAZ-ING.

rottweiler_portrait_furry_kids_maine_007 And all girls like a little sparkle, especially a mod little Rottie girl.

rottweiler_portrait_furry_kids_maine_008 This is the pose and frame that is now hanging on her Dad’s wall with her Rottie ‘siblings’ past and present.
This frame is so perfect for Rotties, I call it the Rottweiler frame.

rottweiler frame Looking good, Fara! A beautiful girl, inside and out.