Dexter: A sweet and silly adoptable in Portland, Maine

I met Dexter last Sunday and within minutes, I was smitten. This guy has a wonderful personality. After 5 months in a shelter, Dexter was lucky to be placed into a foster home by Old Dogs New Digs. There he has really blossomed and shown his true personality.
Other than the gray on his face, I would have never guessed that this guy is 9 years old. He is a real sweetie, a clown, a cuddler, and I can tell he has a mischievous streak, too.
Dexter is my kind of dog — easy to have around, loves to nap with you or just be with you, and is prone to bursts of silliness. I was struck by the great attention he showed to his foster mom. Even with distractions his eyes were glued to her for direction. If you do training with your dogs, it’s that look that you long to see.
He’s very food motivated. Here he is sneaking off with my container of dehydrated liver treats.
And as a bonus, he can do your landscaping for you. Here he is cleaning up a branch that had fallen into the fence, then removing it from the area and manually chipping it up.
Dexter was overlooked in the shelter for 5 long months before making it into a foster home. It must have been so hard on this sweet, social guy. I heard he has arthritis in his hips, but I wouldn’t have guessed it as he was very spry while I was with him.  He loves people and gets along with dogs and cats.
Due to his arthritis, dog companions should be mellow and children should be older.
For more information on Dexter, contact Old Dogs New Digs. You won’t regret it.


One thought on “Dexter: A sweet and silly adoptable in Portland, Maine”

  1. I just discovered this set of photographs taken by you of Dexter – – – and my heart broke all over again (in a “good” way).

    We adopted Dexter, through ODNG, in August, 2017. Sadly, due to ongoing medical complications (arthritis, sciatica, bleeding ulcer due to many required meds, complete loss of appetite, etc) I had to say goodbye to him on June 30, 2018. Although each of our pups is special to us, Dexter was “The One” for me. Anything I gave to him was returned a hundredfold.

    I wanted to compliment the work you did with him. Your series of photographs captured so much of what made Dexter special – to me – and to many of those folks he met on his journeys shopping, running errands and, of course, the mandatory drive-thru windows for a plain cheeseburger.

    Thank You! Well Done!

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