Honey and Romac

I recently had the pleasure of reacquainting myself with some dogs I haven’t seen for awhile.
Honey (her full name is Honey Bear but she’s also affectionately known as Sybil) is a Rottweiler and Romac is a silly Labby guy (though he’s looking pretty serious here).
maine_dog_photography009Their mom, Kim, is a longtime volunteer with North East Rottweiler Rescue and Referral, and Honey was a foster dog that moved in several years ago and was either too good or too crazy to part with, I’m not sure which.
Sometimes the crazy ones are the most endearing.
maine_dog_photography008She’s got some gray in her black hair now, and she’s calmed down a bit (just a bit!). She used to have quite an obsession with the tv, among other things. I remember hearing stories about her intent tv fixation/ OCD behavior. It sounds funny but she really could have done some damage to the televisions and to herself. It was quite a long ordeal to work through it.
Now she’s matured into a lovely older gal. She turned 10 in December.
maine_dog_photography007Honey gave everyone quite a scare a few months ago when a grapefruit-sized tumor was found in her spleen. She came through surgery like a champ, and I couldn’t believe how playful and spry she is. She acts and looks younger than 10.
maine_dog_photography006Romac (named after a family member’s nickname) is your typical laid-back, goofy Lab. He was adopted through Almost Home Rescue when he was 6 months old in 2007. Kim fell for his picture on the Almost Home website because he looked so sad. Their previous Rottweiler was quite selective as to which dogs she would share her home with, but she accepted puppy Romac into the family. It doesn’t seem possible that 8 years has passed so quickly.
maine_dog_photography002He, too, now has some flecks of white in his face.
maine_dog_photography003He loooooves his ball. And he gladly would let you throw it for him all day long.
maine_dog_photography001He was kind enough to stop a few times and humor me with some handsome poses, though.
maine_dog_photography005Honey and Romac make a good team. Honey tries to act like the boss and can be a little pushy (though deep down she’s a scaredy cat), and Romac is chill enough that he is okay with letting Honey think she’s the boss.
maine_dog_photography010Kim is glad to have these photos of her furkids.  They are fast movers and she has never been able to get great photos of them herself. (Which is good, because if everyone could take great pics of their pets there would be no need for me).
I hope these two keep moving fast for a long, long time.

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